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All-weather Action Detection in UAV Rescue Scenarios

The following video shows our work on All-weather Action Detection in UAV Rescue Scenarios.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) possess significant advantages in terms of mobility and range compared to traditional surveillance cameras. Human action detection from UAV images has the potential to assist in various fields, including search and rescue operations. However, UAV images present challenges such as varying heights, angles, and the presence of small objects. Additionally, they can be affected by adverse illumination and weather conditions. In this paper, we propose a Multilevel Attention network with Weather Suppression for all-weather action detection in UAV rescue scenarios. The Weather Suppression module effectively mitigates the impact of illumination and weather, while the Multi-level Attention module enhances the model’s performance in detecting small objects. We conducted detection experiments under both normal and synthetic harsh conditions, and the results demonstrate that our model achieves state-of-the-art performance. Furthermore, a comparison of relevant metrics reveals that our model strikes a balance between size and complexity, making it suitable for deployment on UAV platforms. The conducted ablation experiments also highlight the significant contribution of our proposed modules.

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Anonymous robot systems

The following videos show our work on anonymous robot systems.

In the first demonstration the robot navigates to the required unknown location as well as exploration and survey of the unknown area for map building. The robot equips 360° laser distance sensor for SLAM and navigation.

The second demonstration shows a scenario of domestic robot as intelligent assistant which intimately helps the subject with tasks. The system was trained to help certain tasks, such as pass spoon when bowl appears as the subject preparing food. Optical flow was used to predict the trajectory of active moving objects with RGB-D camera in 3D space.

Internet of Things and Smart Homes

The series of demos showcase a series of SmartHome practices under Intelligent systems and Intelligent sensing (Internet of Things), more demos will be added from time to time.

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Indoor Localization and Tracking

We showcase a novel localization and tracking system based on the Received Signal Strength (RSS) field formed by cost-efficient Radio-Frequency Identification passive tags.(

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Some project demos from students who take research project in our group